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2. Visualization
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The main features of VEGA visualization are:

Strong OpenGL hardware acceleration (depending on the graphic card) with 3D object manipulation, interactively selection of atoms, lighting and smooth animations.


3D molecule view (wireframe, Van der Waals wireframe, Van der Waals dotted, Van der Waals solid, CPK wireframe, CPK solid and liquorice) with depth-cueing and anti-aliased lines.


Molecule colouring (by molecule, by residue, by atom, by charge).


The mouse can be used to manage the 3D objects trough rotation, translation and scale operations, changing the mouse mode. Also the mouse wheel, if present, has some functions on the basis of the current mouse mode. Moreover when the main window is active, some commands can be executed directly from the keyboard.


A friendly dialog allows to adjust the general visualization settings and the specific display modes.


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