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4.3 Web Publishing
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In order to support the Web publishing, VEGA can save snapshots of the visualization window in the most common format that are supported by the World Wide Web (PNG, GIF and JPEG). The Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) was also implemented to realize interactive 3D objects that can included in dynamic HTML pages. The VRML outputs  produce the following molecular images:

Keyword VRML output


VRML 1.0 wireframe representation with standard colouring method.


VRML 1.0 CPK rappresentation with standard colouring method.


VRML 1.0 dotted surface rappresentation.


VRML 1.0 Van Der Waals and accessible to solvent molecular solid surface


VRML interactive drawing
(CosmoPlayer required)
PNG image of a water cluster with hardware anti-aliasing activated.
PNG Image
GIF image
GIF image of little segment of DNA double helix with labels.

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