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AMMP - Another Molecular Mechanics Program
is a software developed in 1993-2021
by Robert W. Harrison
All rights reserved.

Robert W. Harrison
Department of Computer Science
Georgia State University
34 Peachtree Street - Suite 1450
Atlanta, GA 30303
E-Mail: rharrison@cs.gsu.edu
WWW: http://www.cs.gsu.edu/~cscrwh/ammp/ammp.html



is a software developed in 2006-2021
by Alessandro Pedretti & Giulio Vistoli
All rights reserved.

Alessandro Pedretti
Dipartimento di Scienze Farmaceutiche
FacoltÓ di Scienze del Farmaco
UniversitÓ degli Studi di Milano
Via Mangiagalli, 25
I-20133 Milano - Italy
Tel. +39 02 503 19332
Fax. +39 02 503 19359
E-Mail: info@vegazz.net
WWW: http://www.vegazz.net