22. Bugs

VEGA ZZ and VEGA are pieces of software with many functions, therefore it might be possible to discover minor bugs. 


22.1 Bug report

VEGA ZZ 3.0 contains a built-in bug report utility called madExcept that help you to send the data needed by us to identify and fix the problem. If a serious error occurs, this dialog window is shown:


Bug report dialog


in which it's possible to choose different actions:

Show bug report


changing the tabs, its possible to show the data that will be sent to us;

Contact information dialog


Complete the form typing your name and your e-mail address, check remember me if you want save your contact information and click Continue.


Error details


Explain the situation in which the error occurs and click Continue or Skip if you have nothing to explain.


Screenshot Configuration


Clicking Continue, the report will be sent to us. Please note that no sensitive personal information will be sent to us and all data will be used for debug purpose only.

If you find a non-critical bug not showing the report utility you can contact us by this e-mail address: bugreport@vegazz.net.
For other questions please refer to the Authors address in copyright section



22.2 Known bugs

22.2.1 Amiga version


22.2.2 VEGA ZZ