6.2 Atom/residue/chain properties

This dialog is shown clicking Edit Change Atom/residue/chain and allows to change some atom, residue and chain properties of the selected atom/molecule. For example, consider the following molecule fragment:


Molecule fragmet


and imagine to click the C6 atom.



6.2.1 Edit atom

By Atom tab, you can change atom name, element, residue name, residue number, chain indicator, atom type and partial charge of the picked atom. When you change a field, Apply button is enabled and you can click it in order to apply the modifications. Alternatively, you can press the return key to apply the changes.


6.2.2 Edit residue

Residue tab allows to change the properties (name and number) of the selected residue and the changes can be applied to all atoms or to the visible atoms only.




6.2.3 Edit chain

Chain tab allows to change the chain indicator of the selected molecule and it can be applied to all atoms or to visible atoms only.