7.6 Light settings

This dialog box can be shown by selecting View Light in the main menu and allows the light source management.




VEGA ZZ light engine supports up to four directional light sources and one ambient light. The number of the directional light could be reduced to one if the graphic card OpenGL driver doesn't support more than one light source. Each light source, selectable by Sources box, can be independently enabled or disabled (see Enabled checkmark in Position box) and moved in the scene clicking the small buttons in the corners of the blue box. To move inside the blue box position layers, you must click the layer outside the small buttons and to show all layers, you must click Reset button button. For each light source, in the Light colors box, you can change the diffusion and the specularity colors. You can also switch on/off the ambient light and change its color (see Ambient light box).
In Lighting window, you can change Material properties as the specularity (from 0 to 100), the shininess (from 0 to 100) and the vector reflection (enabled/disabled).
To revert to pre-defined lighting parameters, you can click Default button.
The lighting engine could be disabled unchecking the Lighting enabled item at top-left window position.