2.3 How to build the printable version of the manual

The standard manual provided in the VEGA ZZ package isn't easy to print, because it's composed by several HTML pages. In order to solve this problem, it's possible to generate a new manual keeping the standard version, composed by an unique HTML file that can be printed in easy way.

At the end of the process, press any key to continue. The new manuals are placed in the ...\VEGA ZZ\Docs\Html\printable directory:

ammp.htm    AMMP manual
gridock.htm   GriDock manual
vega.htm   VEGA command line version manual
vegazz.htm   VEGA ZZ manual

2.3.1 How to print the manual

In order to print the manual, open it as usual and click Printable version at the bottom of the summary frame (left frame) and use the print function of your Web browser.