11.2 The Mini Text Editor

VEGA ZZ has an integrated text editor that allows to edit and manage the text files like molecules, force field templates, parameter files, etc. All functions can be activated by  the menu bar and the tool bar.


Mini Text Editor


11.2.1 Menu bar

Menu Item Accelerator Description
File New Ctrl+N Clean the text frame.
Open Ctrl+O Open a new file.
Save as Ctrl+S Save the file.
Print Ctrl+P Print the file showing the printer requester.
Exit - Close the window without saving.
Edit Undo Ctrl+Z Undo the text modifications.
Redo Ctrl+Y Redo the previous operation.
Cut Ctrl+X Cut the selected text and copy it into the clipboard.
Copy Ctrl+C Copy the selected text into the clipboard.
Paste Ctrl+V Paste the text from the clipboard.
Select all - Select all text.
Find down F3 Find the specified text. A requester is shown.
Find up Ctrl+F3  


11.2.2 Tool bar

The tool bar duplicates some common functions of the menu bar and add the field for the text to search and the button to enable/disable the case sensitive text serach.