6.12 Remove dialogs

VEGA ZZ can remove groups of atoms considering molecule, segment, residue hierarchy.  To remove other groups of atoms,  you can combine the custom selection (View Select Custom) and Edit Remove Invisible atoms menu item.


6.12.1 Remove molecule(s)

The Remove molecule/s dialog is accessible trough the Edit Remove Molecule menu item:


Remove molecule(s)


You can delete one or more molecule by multiple selections in the list and clicking Remove button. The selection is highlighted in the main window coloring in red the selected and in white the unselected atoms. You can also select the molecule clicking it in the main window. By checking Center & zoom, when you remove a molecule, the view is automatically centred and zoomed on the remaining atoms.

This window allows also to Select/Unselect and to Move molecules.


6.12.2 Remove segment(s)

This dialog can be shown choosing Edit Remove Segment menu item:


Remove segment(s)


It works in the same manner of the previous one and allows you also to Select/Unselect and to Move molecules. 


6.12.3 Remove residue(s)

To remove one or more residues, one can select Edit Remove Residue main menu item:


Remove residue(s)


This dialog works in a little bit different mode: when you pick a residue atom in the main window,  the residue is removed immediately.