11.3 OpenGL Setup

OpenGL Setup is a Windows application that allows to switch the OpenGL driver used by VEGA ZZ without losing the system settings, applying the changes to VEGA ZZ only. To start it, you must select the VEGA ZZ Utilities OpenGL Setup item in the Start menu.


OpenGL Setup


In this window, you can choose the OpenGL driver that will be used by VEGA ZZ. To make effective the changes, you must click Apply button. You must remember that before to change the driver, you must close all VEGA ZZ sessions.
The included drivers have different capabilities as shown in the following table:

Driver Description

This is the fastest driver available. It uses the full hardware acceleration (if available) implemented in the graphic card. It's activated by default when you install VEGA ZZ.

Microsoft OpenGL

This is the most compatible driver with moderate hardware acceleration. Use it if you have compatibility problems (e.g. crashes). Some cheap graphics cards require it  because the factory OpenGL driver doesn't support all functions used by VEGA ZZ.

Mesa 3D

If you need the OpenGL 1.5 support and your graphic card doesn't have it, you could install this full-software driver. No hardware acceleration is provided by it.


If you need an amazing rendering speed, this driver is for you ! It distributes the OpenGL rendering to a cluster of PC interconnected by an high performance network. The resulted output is tiled to the display of each workstation connected to the network. For more information about the WireGL installation, click here.