11.5 The Task Manager

The integrated task manager allows to manage all programs executed by VEGA ZZ in background (e.g. AMMP, GriDock, Mopac, etc) by a simple graphic interface. You can open it by Tools Task Manager in main menu.


Task Manager    Menu bar
   List of the processes


11.5.1 Buttons

Selecting a process, you can terminate it pressing Kill button. A confirm request is shown.


11.5.2  Menu

Menu Item Accelerator Description
File Refresh F5 refresh the list of the processes.
Exit Ctrl+E close the window.
Options Force - if checked (default), force the process killing.
Filter - if checked (default), show in the list only the processes created by VEGA ZZ.
Action Kill now! Ctrl+K terminate the selected process (see the Kill button).