12.1 Introduction to VEGA ZZ Plug-in System


VEGA ZZ includes a powerful plug-in system in order to expand the standard features without change the main source code. All users can enhance the VEGA ZZ performances by their preferred programming language and the VEGA ZZ Plug-in Development Kit.
The plug-ins must be installed in the Plugins folder of the VEGA ZZ installation path and are loaded automatically when the program starts. The translation files should be placed in Catalogs directory and the help files in Docs\Html\plugins directory. All settings needed by plug-ins should be stored in ...\VEGA ZZ\Config\plugins.ini file, using the standard Windows conventions.
The plug-ins are standard Windows DLLs and for more information about them, see the SDK documentation.

VEGA ZZ offers a standard interface to manage the loaded plug-ins that can be activated by Tools Plugin Configuration Manage item of the main window menu.


Plug-in management


This window shows all installed plug-ins. Clicking the plug-in name and the Configure button, you can open the configuration dialog box specific for the selected plug-in. Clicking Help button, the help file is opened and clicking About button, the copyright message is shown.