CHARMM Parameter Merger


1. Introduction

InpMerge is a shell command that can be used to merge the CHARMM/NAMD parameter files in order to obtain a single file. This is useful to when you need a parameter file containing custom data saved by the missing parameter table.


2. Installation & usage

The software is installed automatically with VEGA ZZ and it requires the locale.dll and the hdrive.dll to work properly. The program must  be executed from the command prompt, selecting VEGA ZZ -> VEGA Console in the Start menu.


InpMerge   <OUTPUT>   <INPUT1>   <INPUT2> ...


This is the name of the CHARMM/NAMD parameter output file (.inp).

  There are the name of the CHARMM/NAMD parameter input files (.inp). InpMerge supports files containing the INCLUDE directive.


3. History


4. Copyright and disclaimers

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Use and copying of this software and the preparation of derivative works based on this software are permitted, so long as the following conditions are met:


is a software to merge the CHARMM parameter files
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