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ShutDownGUI 1.0 for Windows
May 15, 2012

ShutDownGUI is a graphical utility to power off the system when an event occurs. The most common scenario is a long calculation (e.g. a NAMD molecular dynamics) whose end is unknown and you want to shutdown your PC when it’s finished.
There are three operating modes:

  • Countdown mode:
    you can specify the wait time (default 60 seconds) and when the countdown arrive to 0, the system is switched off.
  • Timer mode:
    you can power off the system at specified date and time.
  • Process mode:
    you can attach ShutDownGUI to one or more processes to wait for their end. When all selected processes are finished, the countdown starts automatically and when it arrives to 0, the system the shutdown is performed.

>>> Click here to download ShutDownGUI <<<