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6. Conclusions
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Although any program can’t have all functions desired by the users and thus VEGA is an open project in perpetual construction, we think that the current release of VEGA (VEGA 1.3.2) provides a set of functions not common in existing Windows programs.

Special care has been taken not only to provide a user-friendly interface, but also to enrich the program with several calculation capabilities (on the molecule, on the surface and on the trajectory). VEGA can be used not only for molecular visualization, but also as bridge between the molecular modelling packages and to enhance the results obtained.

The Windows version of VEGA is written in C++ and runs under Windows95/98/ME/2000. Even if without graphical interfaces, VEGA runs also on other operating systems, like UNIX, Linux, IRIX, and AmigaOS. In this environments VEGA uses a command line interface and it performs all the functions examined in Windows version (file conversion, surface calculations, trajectory analysis and structure handling).

The executable and the source code can be free downloaded from http://users.unimi.it/~ddl.


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