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VEGA On-line

VEGA On-line offers some molecular modelling services accessible trough the Web interface. They are provided by the VEGA WE that it's a Web server included in the VEGA ZZ package (for more information, see the VEGA ZZ main site).

    File translation tool, properties and surface calculation.
  • BBB predictor
    Predict the blood-brain barrier permeation of a given molecule.
  • Logkw IAM.MG/DD2 calculator
    Predict log kw of MG and DD2 IAM chromatographic columns.
  • MolEdit
    2D molecular editor & structure optimization.
  • ProBuilder
    Protein/peptide builder from 1D to 3D.
  • Virtual logP
    Bernard Testa's Virtual logP calculator.
  • Score
    Score calculator for molecular docking,
  • Picture gallery
    Some nice pictures & VEGA SE screen saver client.