APPENDIX E - Language localization


In VEGA and VEGA ZZ, the language localization is provided by AmigaOS Locale Technology. This method allows to translate the character strings without recompile the source code, editing a text file and compiling it with a tool included in VEGA ZZ or in localization packages.
Each language requires a translation file (called catalog) which file name is that of the program that use it followed by  .catalog extension (e.g. VEGA.catalog, WINDD.catalog). The translation files must be placed in subdirectories named with the language (e.g. italiano, français, deutsch, etc) of the Catalogs folder that must be present in the program root directory .
All programs that uses this technology, can run without catalog files, because the default language (usually english) is built-in.


What you need to translate a catalog:

In order to translate all VEGA messages into your preferred language, you need the language localization (VEGA_XX_Locale.tar.gz) or the source code (VEGA_XX_Source.tar.gz) or VEGA ZZ package. If you are using the former package, please remember that the localization tools aren't installed if you performed the installation using the default settings. Before to start the translation, you must identify:


How to build a new VEGA.catalog file: