20. Frequently Asked Questions

20.1 Generic FAQ




20.3 VEGA ZZ activation problems.

  1. Download VEGA ZZ with C.
  2. Transfer the package from C to NC (e.g. by pen drive, CD, etc).
  3. Install the package on NC and start VEGA ZZ. The activation wizard will be show.
  4. Annotate the Product Key. Please remember that it's not the same of C.
  5. Start Internet Explorer in C and connect to http://www.ddl.unimi.it/licman.
  6. Put the Product Key of NC, your e-mail address and complete the activation as usual.
  7. When you receive the e-mail with the vegazz.lic file, transfer it to NC and copy it un the ...\VEGA ZZ\Data directory. VEGA ZZ on NC is now operative.