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Mopac 5 for AmigaOS

Semi-empirical molecular orbital package

This is the AmigaOS porting of MoPac 5.00, the molecular orbital semi-empirical package originally developed by James J. P. Stewart for Unix systems. The archive contain executables, sources (C and Fortran77) and link libreries optimized for 020/881, 030/881 and 040.

System requirements:

  • AmigaOS 2.04 or better.
  • CPU 68020 or better.
  • FPU 68881 or better.
  • A very large amount of fast ram (8-16 Mb) or a virtual memory manger (e.g. VMM V3.1).
  • At least the release 41 of Ixemul.library.
  • About 4 Mb of free disk space.

Click here to begin the download (~1.7 Mb)